exterior panel

recuadro exterior m

English-Spanish architecture and construction dictionary. 2013.

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  • Exterior insulation finishing system — Exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) is a type of building exterior wall cladding system that provides exterior walls with an insulated finished surface and waterproofing in an integrated composite material system. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • panel — I (Del fr. ant. panel < pan, lienzo de pared < lat. pannus, pedazo de paño.) ► sustantivo masculino 1 ARQUITECTURA Cada porción lisa limitada por molduras u otros adornos en un muro, la hoja de una puerta u otras superficies: ■ la puerta… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Panel van — A panel van (or panelvan) is a form of van; in some national usages it is distinct from a purpose designed van in that it is based on a family car chassis; elsewhere in the world it applies to any solid (rigid bodied, non articulated) van,… …   Wikipedia

  • Panel fotovoltaico — Paneles solares. Los paneles o módulos fotovoltaicos (llamados comúnmente paneles solares, aunque esta denominación abarca otros dispositivos) están formados por un conjunto de celdas (células fotovoltaicas) que producen electricidad a partir de… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Panel de instrumentos — Cuadro de instrumentos de un BMW E46(4ª serie 3) Se denomina Panel de instrumentos o tablero de instrumentos (en España cuadro de instrumentos y en inglés Instrument Cluster) al conjunto de instrumentos e indicadores en vehículos (automóvil de… …   Wikipedia Español

  • panel — panel1 (Del fr. ant. panel). 1. m. Cada uno de los compartimentos, limitados comúnmente por fajas o molduras, en que para su ornamentación se dividen los lienzos de pared, las hojas de puertas, etc. 2. Elemento prefabricado que se utiliza para… …   Diccionario de la lengua española

  • Structural insulated panel — Structural insulated panels (or structural insulating panels ), SIPs, are a composite building material. They consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with an insulating layer of foam in between. The board is usually oriented… …   Wikipedia

  • Medium density overlay panel — Medium density overlay panel, or MDO panel, is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure.The overlay, which has 28% resin content, resists water, weather, wear and… …   Wikipedia

  • Quarter panel — On an automobile, a quarter panel (or rear wing) is a body panel that covers the section between the door and the hood or trunk. They are typically made of sheet metal, but are sometimes made of fiberglass and fibre reinforced plastic. They are… …   Wikipedia

  • header panel — An exterior body panel located just ahead of the hood and surrounds the radiator. Also see windshield header panel …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • recuadro exterior — m Panel que forma parte de una losa plana de hormigуn, uno de cuyos bordes no limita con ningъn otro panel …   Diccionario de Construcción y Arquitectur

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